Friday, 27 February 2015

Back With a Bang (Hopefully) :D

Asalaam O Alaikum people,
Hope you all been good.
It has been ages since I posted anything.The purpose for this blog was to focus on various aspects of beauty in our lives. It may be make-up, skin-care, nature, art or books. Beauty is not fixed in just one thing hence the name of my blog. I started off focusing just on the physical beauty aspect and began losing interest soon enough. Taking pictures etc.. is not really my strong point and neither do I use these things often enough to give a precise review on their lasting, finish etc.. since I rarely stick to the norm (not that I am successful in pulling that off either). Plus life happened. 

Anyways... Now I am back with my primary passion which is the beauty of books, the storytelling, the passion, the world-building, the magnificent characters and how they speak to us. There is something for everyone, hopefully. I will try to be regular, considering how lazy I am (yea yea.. I know), I will also try adding some beauty, nature and art bits too. 

The reviews will be mine and mine only. Entirely honest (I will be pulling my punches though... It is much easier to criticize badly when we are not the ones writing or making something and since I am trying my hand at writing, I know how tough and heartbreaking it can be when someone is harsh regardless of your feelings...)

If you like my style, you are welcome to stay, read and comment to tell me. I would love to hear from all of you.
p.s. Crazy that I am, I got two blogs by the same name and content.
Many reasons for that but the main is; for the time being Goodreads is only supporting Wordpress for auto review publishing and I got more followers here. On the other hand I love love love my template and interface on the blogspot and totally do not want to give it away. So up to you to follow whichever one you like or are comfortable with. I will be doing both for the time being and pulling my hair out at the same time (*facepalm*)

Book Review - Truth And Humility

Truth and Humility (Captive, #1)Truth and Humility by J.A. Dennam
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love love love this book. Ms. Dennam has created such unique and vibrant characters that you cannot help but love-hate them. They all stand out on their own while perfectly complementing each other. Every one of them has flaws and qualities which makes them human and seem like they are based on real people and dynamics. They will speak to you and make you feel what they do. Making a movie of such fabulous characters would be a challenge, especially for the actors. Although I hate the author for the unexpected tragic twist, I understand where she was coming from and why the twist was needed. Get ready for heart-pounding adrenaline, sarcastic humor and for your heart to be broken. This is a definite keeper and not to be missed! I cannot wait to the next book in this series.

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