Tuesday, 16 October 2012

[NOTD] SWEET TOUCH shade no.1074 - Gold Mine

As-salaam O Alaikum all you beautiful girls
Hope you are all doing great..
For my very first ('actual') post I wanted to do a post showing what happens when you get a wrong foundation shade. Unfortunately though my pictures are turning out to be too horrible to put up so I have compromised for time being by putting up NOTD (Nail of the day) post.
These pictures are not too good either but I have tried my best to show you the actual shade. Please bear with me. The shade is Gold Mine by SWEET TOUCH. :)
First the story. LoL. Well you have to know the background behind getting this shade. If you do not, then please skip right to the pictures.
This Saturday, 13th October 2012, Color Studio Professional Pakistan was launching its first Flagship Store in Dolmen City Mall. This will be the first location in Pakistan to store a complete Color Studio professional range which will consist of foundations, compacts, eyeliners, nail polishes etc. Now being absent-minded, I, totally by chance came across the launch news. Again being an absent-minded person, I, for the life of me cannot figure it out how it registered in my subconscious that the launch date was 12th October (Need I say I missed the launch).
Without confirming or re-checking, I convinced my hubby to take me there on 12th. When we got there.. 'la di dah dahhh!!', no signs of any launch. Depressed I went on random make-up shops looking at random stuff. Then I saw the Make-up City shop in infront of Hyperstar lane. This shop has variety of brands for hair and make-up. I did not give much attention to the hair brands so I cannot tell you which ones are there. The make-up brands available in this shop are: FEMINA COSMETICS, KRYOLAN COSMETICS & SWEET TOUCH COSMETICS. All these brands have been available in Pakistan for a long time but as far as I know, they have officially re-launched them with dedicated shops. For more information on Make-Up City you can visit their facebook page here.
Anyways, having used their nail polishes before, I went browsing and came across this lovely shade of Gold Mine. Below are the swatches and then my opinion about the shade.
Natural Daylight
With Flash (Daytime)
Without Flash (NightTime)
With Flash (NightTime)
With Flash (NightTime)
Gold Mine
Gold Mine
This is very nice deep goldenish shade with a touch of yellow and bronze in it. The applicators of Sweet Touch nail polishes are very thin (I did not take any snaps because I worry I may dry the nail polish out quicker). Due to this, it takes time to put the polish on and sometimes, streaks are left behind.
I put a base coat and 3 coats of Gold Mine to get the above result. No top coat. I felt it already had a nice shine. If you look closely, it is still a bit sheer but will do for me. The drying time of first coat is very fast but the latter coats take longer to completely dry out.
Sweet Touch nail polishes are very reasonably priced at PKR 100/- especially when compared to other brands. For someone like me, who is not very regular in putting on nail polishes, these are perfect. You can get them from majority of local cosmetic shops (sometimes at a bargain price) and from Make-up City outlets. What is the staying time? I have no idea. I rarely have a nail polish on for more then 2-3days mainly because as a house-wife I have loads of work with water which chips my nails regularly.
Well that is it for now girls. Hope you liked the shade as much as I did.
Till next time, take care.. :)
p.s: I have also start the blog on wordpress in case google websites get blocked again. Everything is same so you can say they will be identical posts. The wordpress website link is: https://unlikelybeautyblogger.wordpress.com

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