Friday, 4 May 2012


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For my second post I was wondering what to do but wasn't sure. Then I checked the email I had received from Sigma and just had to share it with you guys even though its just an official press release.

 Sigma says:

"Beginning May 1st, Sigma will be offering a new free gift with all purchases over $30. This exclusive free gift is an exclusive eye shadow sample! Sigma has carefully selected one color from each of their best selling eye shadow palettes, Bare , Dare and Flare. This is a great opportunity to try their exceptional shadows!"

"The featured eye shadow colors are:
Shine from the Bare palette,
Grasp from the Dare palette and
Crush from the Flare palette.

Throughout May, all the purchases over $30 will randomly receive one of the single eye shadows (we regretfully will not be able to attend to specific color requests).

These new free gifts are not only gorgeous, they are a great value. A chance to sample our eye shadows for FREE is an offer that can't be missed!

So what do you guys think of this? Aren't the pictures so pretty?

I have heard a lot about these palettes and have been curious to check myself without first spending money on buying the whole palette first. Here is my chance to take advantage of both the sample and a chance to get the famous Sigma brushes. 

For me there are two sad parts though. One is that I have to check my budget first. For us here in Pakistan, this is a luxury brand, plus the shipping and taxes can make it even more expensive then normal. Very few of us are willing to afford it. Second is that we won't get to choose the sample eye shadow we want to try. I personally am very interested in the Dare palette.


Well we cannot have everything and this is secondary.

The best part.. If you like the eye shadows, you can go over the link of each palette and check the make-up looks shown by professional make-up artists using them. Pretty cool huh?
Even if I don't take advantage of this opportunity, I will definitely check the tutorials out.

What about you guys? Anyone already owns or planning on owning Sigma stuff? Do let me know your opinions if you have.. Its always great to share feedback from everyone before getting something.

So if you are interested, go now to Sigma Beauty and start shopping. They have also have some discount deals going on here.

Have a nice day and do let me know of your feedback about this product.   :=)

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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