Saturday, 27 October 2012

Sigma Beauty -- New Arrivals

As-salaam O Alaikum all you pretty girls out there,
How are you all doing? :)
Firstly I would like to say, "HAJJ MUBARAK to all the people who were lucky enough to go this year". A very happy Eid Mubarak to everyone else. :D
I was just surfing through emails and the internet and I stumbled upon the Sigma Beauty website. Then I realized it has been really long since I posted anything about them. Do you know in the past couple of months they have released a Beauty Expert - Brow Design Kit? (pssstt.. A sneak news, they will also be launching eye-shadow primers soon.. If you check their Fall Look-Book, you will see a sneak preview of their result)
One thing I know is that this fall, heavy, luscious, enhanced brows are the make-up trend. So how perfect is this release? It has practically everything required to make the perfect brows; tweezers, scissors, eye-brow shapes stencil, pencils, brushes, brow shadows, sharpener, etc. Now I won't be posting all the pictures. Just the main picture. Rest you can check here.
It sometimes makes me wonder who decides the fashion and make-up trends? Do all the designers, brands and marketing companies sit together and discuss before working on the collections? Because seriously, the trend is just spreading out and they are already releasing the related stuff. May be a big strategy behind it all. LoL. But that is straying from the topic.
Now apart from the Brow design kit the new items which attract me are the Extravaganza Face Kit and the Extravaganza Complete Kit. They look soooo luxurious and gorgeous that I want them!! The top of my wishlist.

Aren't they tempting?? The Extravaganza Face Kit contains four essential luxurious brushes while the Extravaganza Complete Kit contains 29 of Sigma Beauty's best selling brushes. Everything you can possibly require. To check more pics, price and other details for face kit you can go here and for complete kit here.
If you want to check out other stuff in new arrivals, you can go here. There are also some really cute mirrors and make-up bags on sale on the website. To check them out you can go here.
Do I own any of the above mentioned items? No. Do I want to? Well definitely a huge yes for the Extravaganza kits and a may be for the Brow kit (am not really a brow making person). Also, to be very honest, these are pretty costly items so I am saving for them. May be soon I will buy them unless something better comes along. *winks*
What about you guys? Which item will you go for? Are you a brow person? Have you used any of this stuff? Would love to hear from you guys.
Until next time.
Take Care you all.
p.s. You have last five days to take advantage of the 10% off discount on the total. The code is on the banner on your left in case you do end up splurging. *wicked grin*
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